May 19, 2016



Proven technology and a record of success

PERC works. We use proven technology and processes that are found in 85 waste-to-energy plants around the country.


The last few years have been the most successful in PERC’s 28 years of operation.


Following a top-to-bottom review of our facility and operations last year, the engineering firm HDR, Inc. said PERC could operate successfully for another 20 years, and they praised PERC employees as a “highly trained and seasoned crew” for their longevity and comprehensive knowledge of the plants operations.


PERC’s owners have invested more than $110 million in upgrades and maintenance over the past 10 years. Our plant is in great shape and well run by our 75 skilled employees.


A straightforward agreement with no surprises

10- and 15-year contract terms with fixed, guaranteed rates that will increase or decrease only once a year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The 15 year contract is for $84.36.


No guaranteed annual tonnage (GAT) requirements or delivery diversion charges in PERC’s new agreements.


You send us only the post-recyclable waste that is under your control – you don’t need our permission to start new or expanded recycling or organics recovery programs.


Guaranteed back-up at Casella landfills in Maine and other locations at $60.00/ton if PERC is unable to take your MSW for an extended period of time.




Your best bet financially

Thanks to its successful operations, PERC has returned more than $25,000,000 to Maine towns and cities and many also have a valuable ownership interest in PERC.

PERC is not asking for your money to subsidize or guarantee our operations. This is your money and you can use it for any needs your town has.


If your community is an Equity Charter you can choose to invest your funds held by the MRC and apply them to future solid waste disposal costs, you can reduce your tipping fees at PERC to below $70.00/ton for at least the next ten years.


Our extensive planning and financial modeling demonstrate that PERC can operate successfully and in full compliance with all environmental permits after 2018, even with lower volumes of trash.


PERC is paid for. Our original construction debt will be fully paid in 2018.


Local control, local team

With no GAT requirements or delivery diversion penalties, you are free to create new recycling or organics programs anytime in the future.


By teaming up with other industry leaders, we are offering a full suite of waste disposal and recycling solutions that address every aspect of Maine’s Solid Waste Management Hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle, etc.). You decide which programs you want.


Our team includes:  WasteZero, a leader in pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) waste reduction programs; Casella, experts in recycling, collection and trucking, and landfill operations; and Exeter Agri-Energy, an exciting new processor of organic waste run by 5th generation Maine dairy farmers.


All of our team members are operating successfully in Maine today. We all have facilities and systems in place, and none of us is looking for taxpayer subsidies.




It’s here. It works. It’s paid for. PERC is your best choice.