ORRINGTON, Maine – Michael Mains of Bar Harbor, Technical Manager at the Penobscot
Energy Recovery Company (PERC) since 2012, was recently promoted to Environmental
Manager/Supplemental Materials Manager.

In his new position, Mains will continue to oversee all of PERC’s environmental initiatives,
including permitting, compliance and reporting, but also will also will take on added
responsibilities for sourcing new materials that can be used as fuel, or as substitute materials,
at PERC.

“Mike Mains is a valuable member of the PERC team,” said Plant Manager Henry Lang. “He has
helped us compile an outstanding record of environmental compliance and stewardship and led
the team that achieved zero wastewater discharge for the plant, a major accomplishment that
was recognized by Region 1 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with an Environmental
Merit Award earlier this year.”

Prior to joining PERC, Maine held various management positions, including corporate
Environmental Manager at KTI, Inc. where he oversaw environmental issues for the numerous
companies in which KTI had an interest, including PERC and the former Maine Energy Recovery

PERC is a waste-to-energy facility serving communities in eastern, northern, central and midcoast
Maine. The facility receives, processes and incinerates municipal waste, turning it into
renewable electricity and dramatically reducing the volume of waste that needs to go to a