PERC OperationsOver 77 full-time employees operate the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Fifty hauling companies bring waste to the facility. 

The municipal solid waste is shredded and ground into a uniform particle size (refuse derived fuel, or RDF) and separated into combustible and non-combustible waste streams.  The combustible portion of the waste, along with occasional use of supplemental fuel (wood or tire chips) is burned to generate steam for the power generation system.  The non-combustible portion is delivered to the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town Maine.  PERC has a contract with Juniper Ridge Landfill through Spring 2018.  

Because of the prohibition against new commercial landfills, the lifespan of the few existing landfills that provide valuable ash and residuals management functions takes on added importance to the continued success of Maine's overall solid waste management efforts. 


PERC strives to conduct its operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including environmental rules and regulations and has as its goal 100% compliance with such laws and regulations.  This effort requires programs to promote compliance, such as training employees and customers, purchasing health and safety equipment, and in some cases hiring outside consultants and lawyers.


PERC has a number of Air and Solid Waste Permits.  This includes Title V permit issued by the Maine DEP Bureau of Air Quality.  PERC also has a Solid Waste permit issued by the Maine DEP.

Now and For the Future

PERC has been and continues to conduct vigorous preventative maintenance practices.  Based on PERC's current maintenance practices, the facility will be operating well beyond any of its current contracts. 

PERC endorses the State of Maine's solid waste hierarchy - Reduce, Reuse, REcycle, Incinerate and Landfill in its continued provision of a long term environmentally sound and affordable waste disposal solution for Maine communities.